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Picking Up On "Tells" In Online Poker

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro online poker is a game that takes a great deal of skill and although it is very much similar to live poker, the one clear tool you will not have available to you is tells. Those little secret clues that your opponent does subconsciously which in the end allows you to gain an edge on them. Although in online poker you will never be able to look your opponent in the eye there are still some clear cut tells that you can use to your disposal. These may seem quite simple and truthfully they are but plenty of people do them without realizing it. Below is a detailed list of a few of the main “tells” you will find while playing online poker;

Making Use of The AutoPlay Box

This is this box that allows you to pre-check whether you will be calling or folding. You will know when another player has this box checked simply because of the speed they use in making their decision. Obviously this could mean a few different things like they have stepped away from their computer for a minute or may be pre-occupied in another game, but it is definitely worth paying attention to. If it becomes a habitual routine you can easily pick up if your opponent is simply going to be calling you through to the river based on previous actions.

Speed of Play

This one is rather funny because you will easily see a novice player who believes all they need to do when they have the nuts is wait till the clock is almost up than make their move. They will also do the exact opposite when their hand is weak – act fast. This too can be explained for other reasons such as poor internet connection, but again you will need to pick up patterns of behaviour and watch the hands played.

The Big Blind

This tell happens before you even get to play a hand with your opponent. When a new player sits at the table they will be given the option to enter the game by paying a BB. Every player will have the choice to accept and begin play immediately or wait for their turn. A player who cannot wait two or three hands to sit in is usually tagged as somewhat loose and impatient. Typically that player will play a lot more hands with a wider range than the player who will wait for their turn.

These are only a few of the “tells” found online. Other things to consider is your opponents flop percentages which is not only an easy thing to remember or calculate on the fly. Although these tells may seem fairly simple, the point should always be to be aware of your surroundings and keep your head in the game. You’ll be surprised at all the small mental notes you can make on your opponents that will help you later on.

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